Tattoo Designs - Cross Tattoos As Strength Tattoos

Published: 05th May 2011
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In Western culture the image of the cross represents the religious beliefs of millions of people; it marks their place of worship; it marks their last resting place. It has always been a source of faith, hope and strength. Whether the image is worn on a chain around the neck or drawn on the body, it still evokes those same feelings. While this image can be worn as a decoration, more often than not, the wearer is expressing faith or hope or love and gains strength from wearing it.

Above all, it represents unconditional love, where one person was willing to give his life for another. In this context it speaks of total commitment. It also represents endurance because not only the symbol itself has lasted over the centuries but also, despite persecutions, wars and every effort to wipe it out, so have the teachings and philosophy it represents. Cross tattoos are symbols of strength and endurance.

Celtic Cross Tattoos

Celtic crosses are unique. They are drawn with a circle connecting the vertical and the horizontal arms or they can be drawn with the cross totally within the circle. Although these designs pre-dated Christianity, they took on special significance after the death of Christ.

The Celts embellished the basic design by adding knot work. This can be drawn on the cross itself or the cross can form a centrepiece of a knot work design, with the loops and scrolls drawn around the cross. The never-ending knot work can represent eternity or God's endless love. It can also represent our connection to world of the spirit, which was always so much a part of Celtic culture.

Tribal Cross Tattoos

Tribal cross tattoo designs are generally decorative and often intricate. They can have strong bold lines or fine and delicate ones. Whatever way they are drawn they retain their character and their strength. The crosses are often the centrepiece of the characteristic tribal scrolls and flourishes. Tribal designs make for maximum visual impact. Because of this they work very well as strength tattoos - not only because they look strong but because of what they represent.

Cross Tattoos As Mementos

Wearing a cross tattoo is a popular way to remember loved ones. The cross can be worn alone or it can be worn with a person's name or date of birth or death. Perhaps there is a favorite flower or animal you could work in with a cross image. Remembering someone you love is a source of gaining strength. Often that person would have provided love, support and comfort, which we all need from time to time.

Cross tattoos can be a declaration of your belief or a source of strength from the virtues they represent or a source of strength from the memory of someone you love. Whatever the reason you wear them, they can be your symbols of strength.


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